Phil Kieran 

Electronic producer Kieran has been plying his trade from his studio base in Belfast for around two decades now working with Green Velvet, Peter Hook, Gary Numan, Depeche Mode and has worked closely with David Holmes on numerous projects. Phils music was used on the Gucci Catwalk recently. He is well suited for music supervision with an eclectic encyclopedic knowledge of music. He is also perfect for bespoke film score work and has worked on many features and short films to date. 

Brendon Moeller

Composition, production and sound design. Brendon Moeller has released 11 full length albums and dozens of singles on some of the most respected labels in the electronic music scene. He has collaborated with instrumentalists and vocalists like Mutabaruka, Mikey Dread and the Spaceape. He music runs the gamut from jazz and dub infused downtempo to techno to indie electronic and hiphop. MTV, Discovery Channel, Food Network and National Geographic have licensed his music. He has performed live and DJ sets around the globe. 

Jochem george Paap

Jochem Paap has released around 600 tracks and ten Studio albums to date on various labels some of note being Mute Records, Warp Records and his own imprint Electric Deluxe. He has been successfully touring for over two decades. He has worked with Scott Pegano visual artist on projects and has recently had music used by Even Apeldoorn Bellen- Centraal Beheer. He has created bespoke music for short films. He is well suited to dark trailer and film score work. He also has a recording studio space in Rotterdam suitable for producer work with bands and artists. His work spans the electronic genres.

John Sampson 

John Sampson (aka CJ Mirra) is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. He has worked as a composer, sound designer and producer on feature films, specialist apps, installations and documentaries with iFeatures, FilmFour, CreativeEngland, Kokoon and many others. He also has experience working with binaural sound for VR and other emerging media.

Peter Sampson

Multi Instrumentalist, Writer and Producer. Peter has played in various bands most known for his THePETEBOX project. Pete has worked on bespoke music for, John Deere, Honda, Mazda, Toshiba and Mattell. He has an excellent track record of writing music for TV Advertising and Film. His range of genres go from Acoustic guitar music through to electronic Indie, Pop and he is also a formidable Beatboxer and Looper. He is also very experienced at performing at large corporate events for various Advertising agencies like Itch London and Saachi & Saachi. 

Ross Sampson

Ross has worked with orchestral samples from a young age and with a keen interest in learning more, studied at Goldsmiths, University of London where he gained his degree in classical music. His work for TV and trailers includes clients such as Channel 5, BBC, Discovery Channel and Sky. A personal YouTube project involving live orchestral players has gained millions of views and thousands of fans from across the globe. 

Simon Shackleton

Simon has a Master Degree in Classical Composition, but it’s in the film & TV realm that he has flourished with music licensed to movies such as The Matrix, Spiderman 2, Top Gear, CSI and Charlie’s Angels amongst many others. He has 25 years of experience and a unique understanding of both orchestral arrangements and electronic sound design, and recently collaborated with Oscar winner Klaus Badelt (Pirates of the Caribbean) in the creation of an array of cinematic music for Sony Europe.


Classically trained at the Royal College of Music in London, Samuel Spire is a composer who has created musical scores and arrangements for orchestras, ensembles, and pop artists. Samuel composes in a wide range of styles from commercial to avant-garde, crafting music and immersive soundscapes for theatre, film and advertisements. His advertising clients include Christie’s auction house in both London and New York, and Whitechapel Gallery, whilst pop collaborators include electronic/soul band, MOVEMENT, and pop artist, Jessica Mauboy.


BEN TARRANT-BROWNBen is a multi instrumentalist, composer and producer working out of his personal studio in Ramsgate. Ben’s music deals in delicate vocal inflections, roaring apocalyptic guitars, sweeping orchestral textures, stoic cold electronics, crunching, pounding, elemental drums. Ben began writing for commercials, immersive sound installations and film/TV. Composing in a wide range of styles, Ben is especially well suited to Indie guitar music, dark trailer work, delict piano compositions and Trip Hop productions. Ben’s commercial credits include compositions for Volkswagen, Heineken, Playstation, Ariel, BBC, Sky, o2, Nike, Etihad, Nintendo, Philips and many more. 


Si is a composer, producer and engineer who has his music synced regularly across TV by BBC, National Geographic, MTV, and BET to name a few. His bespoke music spans the genres from Downtempo Jazz influenced Hiphop to left of centre Dance music and electronic inspired Orchestral arrangements.His bespoke production clients for artist and library have included Universal, Atlantic, KPM as well as live performances for Saatchi & Saatchi. 


Hive has worked with Gucci, Honda, Mazda, ATP Tour, Mattel, Toshiba, Peugeot, Sony, Playstation, Vice Magazine, Vertigo Films, Film4, Cartoon Network, iFeatures, Channel 5, Finisterre, Kokoon App, BBC, East City Films, Scottish Documentary Institute, Crybaby Studio, Wunderhorn Music / Klaus Badelt Studios, Wellington Films, Discovery Channel, Spitfire Audio, Puma, John Deere & Even Apeldoorn Bellen Centraal Beheer and many more.