Spires - k2 out now

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The natural world. All too often it is savaged by the manipulation of modern technology. Who would have thought that nature and the product of man could make such wonderful music together?

The Belfast based duo of SPIRES (Phil Kieran & Koichi Samuels) follow their debut project with the K.2 EP, a concept focused on the creative experimentation that inhabits the world of techno. The innovative partnership of Kieran and Samuels have collected field recordings and sounds from the natural world and combined them with their analogue studio materials. Focusing heavily on sound design, the pair have created a diverse musical ecosystem, both beautiful and intimidating, that serves as a symbol to the aura of nature.

The EP consists of two tracks, ‘K2’ and ‘K2 (Reprise)’. It opens with a marching beat as the thirst inciting sound of water running implements a subtle peacefulness. A deep, evolving rhythm flows through the dark soundscape, provoking an attitude of exploration. Through experimentation Kieran and Samuels have created an oxymoronic universe that is both frightening and inviting.

The second and final ‘Reprise’ begins in the same fashion, before an angelic atmosphere melodically invites the listener deeper into the realms of experimental techno. Here you will find a world of impeccable sound design and musical architecture that beautifully blends the wonders of the natural universe and the manipulation of modern technology.

The K.2 EP is wonderfully constructed. The art of experimentation is tattooed on both Kieran and Samuels’ skin. Samuels’ local RESIST concept brings together the world of visual art with the analysis of electronic composition, whilst Kieran’s Phil Kieran Recordings has become a home and platform for the creatively gifted.

Together they have created a soundtrack that suits both the meditative reflective being and those that adopt the dance floor as their temporary abode. A deep and dark world flowing with earthy textures and evolving atmospheres that is begging to be explored.