new PK lp- Blinded By The Sun


'Blinded By The Sun' sees Belfast born Phil Kieran create a ten track narrative inspired from over a decade in the electronic dance scene. His fourth album was picked up by Jamie Jones and signed to Hot Creations soon after.

”I grew up in Northern Ireland and was surrounded by hate and love at the same time, and yet we always used music to escape hatred and bigotry. Ultimately love and music can win.

I wanted to capture something very real and raw. Something similar to the feeling you get at the end of the night, and jumping in a car from one after party to another driving through London or New York and then the music comes on the car stereo. It has your attention”. (Phil Kieran)


1. Solar Storm
2. Make A Change
3. Blinded By The Sun
4. Realities Forgotten
5. I Can’t Help Myself
6. Don’t Give Up
7. Think Too Much
8. No Life
9. Let It Go Away
10. Find Love